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Safari plugin installation: potential problems and troubleshooting

if the browser hasn’t been recognized by the service and the installation page does not appear, the popup message at the top of the page will appear when you try to enter the conference. Press the «Install required plugins» button:

The plugin will be installed as it has been described above.

The plugin installation has failed

In the case you did not manage to install the plugin due to some reasons, use the opportunity to download and install the plugin from «Software Download» page in the Profile.

Safari plugin. You can install plugin for other browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Opera (Windows).

To install the plugin choose “Safari Installer” and press the «Install» button

The software installation window will appear. Choose «Install».

After installation is complete the success notification will appear.

In the case you still cannot install the plugin

You may have insufficient rights to install the software. Please contact your system administrator.